MQL Dry Machining by UNIST

Unist MQL System Product Line
Unist MQL System Product Line

Our Way: Cutting/Machining with MQL

Wet Coolant Drill
Wet Coolant Drill
  • Use ounces per shift vs. gallons
  • Fluid is consumed in process – no mess!
  • Quality lubricant decreases heat, improves tool life
  • Produces clean, dry chips with no fluid disposal/handling costs
  • Saves Money and Green Technology!


Their Way: Traditional Flood CoolantChilAire CO2 Machining

  • Fluid is cheap, but costly to recirculate, filter, clean up and dispose of
  • Fluid application is unhealthy and makes a mess
  • Low lubricity = heat generation
  • Traditional Flood Coolant
  • Wastes Money with health & safety concern!Ecofriendly logo

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