Starrag Heckert

New Starrag Heckert HEC 400f Machining Center
New Starrag Heckert HEC 400f Machining Center


The Starrag Group technology roadmap features made to order manufacturing technology and production solutions for milling, turning, grinding and drilling.  Starrag’s market expertise ranges from Swiss style micro machining, medical technology, automotive, aerospace, off road and wind energy.  Starrag is the only machine tool Company with a production proven through-spindle integrated four channel MQL system (air-oil-CO2-H2O) available as an option.

Starrag USA Offers 10 Brands, One Team, One Company:

  • Berthiez – Vertical high precision grinding
  • Bumotec – 5 & 6 axis micro machining solutions
  • Dörries – Large Powerful turning machines
  • Droop+Rein – High precision large work pieces
  • Heckert – 4 & 5 axis Turnkey powertrain systems
  • Scharmann – One set up with short cycle time